Harp & Hare
Irish Whiskey

Harp & Hare Irish Cream combines the delicious easy to drink nature of Irish Cream with the absolute best triple distilled Irish Whiskey anywhere in the world. The result is a smooth and easy to drink Irish Cream that even the most discerning of whiskey drinkers will appreciate. Rich natural chocolate, vanilla and caramel flavors burst through each sip while genuine Irish whiskey unlike any other completes the experience and holds the whole decadent drink together.
Drink neat, on the rocks, shake into cocktails, or even incorporate it into your favorite dessert.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Aromas of milk chocolate and vanilla.
Palate: Sweet coffee and malted cream flavors.
Finish: Lasting, creamy and full with notes of roasted nuts & spice.

Harp & Hare Irish Cream contains no preservatives and has a shelf life of 2 years.

34 Proof 17% A.B.V.